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Why Your Company Should Have a Blog

Grow your relationships with your customers.

There are three main reasons why your company needs a blog. First, a blog provides a location for customers to provide feedback and interact with your company. Second, a blog provides you a showcase to share news about products and services. Finally, a blog promotes brand awareness and builds customer loyalty.

Interaction with your company via customer feedback is critical for success. You must know what you are doing right or wrong. Why pay for focus groups and surveys when you can get the information for free on via reader comments on your blog? All companies need great testimonials and success stories. Your blog is a great source to compile both.

Build excitement about your brand.

New products and services should be trumpeted on your blog. Every consumer loves to get the first word on what is new even before it is released for sale. Build anticipation with a blog. Tell of any improvements or upgrades to current products or services.

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