Content Publishing Guidelines

Content Publishing Guidelines

We are happy to see that you are enjoying the content that we provide on our blog and on other sites that you would like to share or use in your own content! Here are the rules for republishing the content we provide.

How Are You Allowed to Use Ozio Media Content?

1. Please share our content via social media sites and also via email. We really appreciate it!

2. As far as any images or other graphics, you must provide a content attribution link.

3. You may provide a quote of up to 100 words from the content that we have published on your own blog as long as you provide a link back to the page on our site where the original content is located.

4. You may not publish any of the resources that we provide (PDFs, blog articles, etc) in full without providing a content attribution link to our website

5. You can not sell our content. You must keep the content that we provide free of charge if you share it.

6. You can not publish the content as your own work.

7. When providing the source link for our content that you have published, please link directly to the specific source article. If the text you quoted came from a downloadable item we provide, please link to the landing page on our site where that item may be downloaded. Thanks for sharing our content!